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SYRCL River Ambassador in Nevada City


River Ambassadors

Yuba Bus is a community partner with the South Yuba Rivers Citizens League (SYRCL) to provide a safe, informative and responsible experience at the South Fork of the Yuba River.


South Yuba River Citizens League

The South Yuba River Citizens League—SYRCL

The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL – pronounced “circle”) was founded in 1983 by grassroots activists determined to protect the South Yuba River from dams. Ultimately, SYRCL won permanent protections for 39 miles of the South Yuba River under California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Today, SYRCL is the central hub of community activism to protect, restore, and celebrate the Yuba River watershed. With over 30 years of achievements, 3,500 members and 1,300 active volunteers, SYRCL is doing great things for the Yuba watershed.


SYRCL’s River Ambassadors are volunteers taking action to motivate and educate the community to care for the South Yuba River. This dedicated team promotes an ethic of responsible, non-polluting use of the river by speaking one-on-one with visitors at crossings, beaches and on trails. Using a friendly, non-confrontational approach, River Ambassadors educate folks about the polluting impacts of trash and dog waste, the dangers of broken glass, and the catastrophic potential of wildfire.  River Ambassadors keep the river safe and healthy.


Here’s how you can be an ambassador to the Yuba River, too:


Keep the Yuba beautiful—Leave no trace. Help leave the river cleaner than you found it. Pack out your trash and recycling.


Bringing a dog? Did you remember to bring dog bags for your furry friend? Dog bags keep beaches from stinking and harmful bacteria from reaching the river.


No glass. Glass and rivers don’t mix. Keep your feet happy and wildlife safe by keeping glass off the river. Bring cans instead and recycle them—they can’t shatter and are lighter.


Absolutely no fire. Fires put families, homes, and wildlife in extreme danger. Keep the community safe—put out and pack out your cigarette butts.


South Yuba River State Park.

SYRCL River ambassador in Nevada City